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BUFFALO BUZZ – August 2018





Official 2018 Season Practice Practice for all levels of cheerleaders and football players will begin on Monday, July 30th at 6:00 p.m. and will run until 8:00 p.m. or dark, Peewee through Midgets players will practice Monday through Thursday until the start of school, then there will be no Monday practices.  Smurfs (football) and cheerleading will practice Monday, Tuesday & Thursday until school starts, then it will be Tuesday & Thursday.  Parents must assure that they are at practice and children are picked up promptly at the end of practices. All Executive Board Members, Coaches, Team Parents, etc. are all volunteers. We need to be respectful of their time, as they will be leaving the field at the end of the practice time. If a child cannot make practice, please contact a member of your child’s coaching staff.


GNMFA Picture Day  Picture Day is scheduled for August 14th.  Please have your child to the field on time. Players are asked to wear their blue home game uniforms over practice clothing, as there will be practice following pictures. We are also doing a complete GNMFA player group photo again this year, so please keep your kids in their uniforms until after the group photo has been taken.


Inclement Weather Policy – We will make the decision around 5pm and if there is any delay or cancellation you will be notified immediately.  Please also look at our Facebook page as it will be posted there as well.  Feel free to contact Bob Huggins, President or Beckie Andrews, Vice President if you have any questions.


Volunteering at Game Time This is mandatory. Home games will need volunteers to help with various preparations before, during and after the games. A sign-up sheet is provided in the concession stand and is first come first serve bases. Once you have completed 2 assignments your will receive your $45.00 check back. It is ALSO YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SIGN IN ON CLIP BOARD IN CONCESSION STAND.


Code of Conduct All Codes of Conduct must be signed and handed in to Angela Dishman no later than August 2nd. If you did not receive one, please see our website to print or ask your team mom.


Birth Certificates & Physicals A birth certificate and current physical is required by July 30th NO EXCEPTIONS. If your football player does not have a birth certificate and current physical, they will not be permitted to play until one is provided.


Monthly GNMFA Business Meetings – These meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the GNMFA field, by the concession stand, throughout the 2018 season, and MRC Building thereafter, there is no business meeting the mo of December.



Fund Raiser – Mandatory –Our fundraisers help buy uniforms, equipment, insurance fees, CFA dues, etc. We are requiring a fundraising buyout for the 2018 season. The cost is $100 per child. We will collect a check at the sign-up. We will NOT cash the check until all fundraisers have ended. At that point: 1. if you have met your fundraising requirements, the check will be returned to you 2. If you have met part of the requirements, the balance will be owed but the check collected for the full amount will be returned 3. If none of the fundraising requirement was met, the check will then be cashed. NOTE: All returned checks for insufficient funds would be turned over to the District Justice.


We are offering THREE types of fundraising opportunities Gun raffle tickets – This is our best fundraiser!  In addition we will have a sandwich sale and a whoopie pie sale.  Families can use one or all of these opportunities to reach their goals for the 2018 season.  Whoopie pies generate $1.00 per pie sold, and Sandwich/Subs generate $2.00 per item sold.


Field Rules Please refrain from bringing any animals to the field (unless service dog). Also smoking is prohibited except for in designated location (which is up the road that is used to enter the field).


Mandatory Parents Meeting August 7, 2018 @ 6:30 pm meet at the bleachers


 GNMFA 2018 Executive Board Members Bob Huggins, President (717-385-9551),

Beckie Andrews ,Vice President (717-385-5721), Brandon Paul, Treasurer (717-580-5735), Angel Dishman, Secretary (717-881-6516


Head Coaches for the 2018 Season


Football:      Smurf – Keith Lehman- 717-275-2783

Pee Wee – Jerry Kell- 717-480-3676

Pony – Brian Bower- 717-648-4961

Midget – Tim Polcha- 717-364-9423


Cheer:         Smurf – Shelby Neumayer- 717-275-6376

Peewee – Kelly Grob- 717-510-4596

Pony – Amy Goodling- 717-226-6208

Midget – Mandy Smeltz- 717-743-0132



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Visit us at www.gnmfa.com- we do update it frequently